Keep your Door Operating Smoothly

The garage door is probably the largest moving object in your home. It protects the largest opening.

It only makes sense to take the time to care for such a vital feature – one that protects you and your family. A little bit of maintenance and preventive care can save you money and keep your door running smoothly year round..

Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Most maintenance isn’t a one-and-done activity. We suggest regularly scheduling maintenance checks – in the fall and spring, for example. Items to look for include:

• Inspect: There are many moving parts in your door. Look at the bolts and other parts, and tighten anything that is loose. Also check the door itself for chips, water damage or warped panels. A regular cleaning or a touch-up will keep your door beautiful.

• Balance: If the door is difficult to open, you may have a balance issue. A door that doesn’t stay up is another sign it’s not properly balanced and the springs need to be adjusted.

• Listen: If a door is louder with grinding and scraping noises, or it doesn’t open and close smoothly, then the system (springs and pulleys) may need to be fixed. A little lubricant on the overhead spring can also reduce the noise.

• Tracks: The tracks and rollers your door are critical. Check the rollers for wear, cracks or chips. Make sure to replace any damaged rollers. Make sure the tracks are clean and clear.

• Cables: The tension cables hold a lot of force, and are the most dangerous part of your garage door. Don’t touch, just visually inspect the cable for damage and broken strands. If you see a problem, make sure to call a professional.

• Weatherproof: The weather strip at the bottom of the door can become brittle and cracked, and should be replaced when there is damage.

• Auto-Reverse: This safety feature is important, especially for families with kids and pets. Make sure it is working properly. If not, it may be time for a new garage door opener.

Garage Door Safety and Maintenance

A visual inspection and a few tests are usually all you need to do to identify problems.

If you find a problem, make sure to call a garage door expert to go over your options. They can suggest potential fixes that are likely easier, and cheaper, than a home fix that leaves you with a bigger problem. It may be a home fix is all you need, but it’s a good idea to talk to the experts before you get started.